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February, 2015 Edition
Welcome to the Tri-County Fly Fishers Website.  This Club is made up of about seventy Members from rank beginners to those with 50+ years of fly fishing and tying experience.  Fishing interests range from bluegills and bass to redfish and tarpon, with an occasional rainbow or brown trout from up north thrown in.  Membership is drawn from permanent and seasonal residents of those in and around the Florida counties of Lake, Marion and Sumter.
Club dues are to be paid by
April 1st to remain a
member in good standing
President's Message
Welcome back to our snowbirds and thanks to all members who have chosen to be part of the Tri-County Fly Fishers Club. I'm happy to say that we are off to a fantastic start in the New Year and I'm looking forward to another successful year in 2015. Our membership has grown to about 88 members currently and I'm confident that a good majority of those members will renew for 2015. As a reminder, 2015 membership dues should be paid by April 1st. We have been able to line up some good quality speakers, exciting programs, fishing outings and field trips already for the coming year which I'm sure you will all enjoy. Please visit the Club Calendar Page for more information. As always, if you have ideas, would like to join a committee or have speakers/programs in mind, please bring it to my or any board member's attention .

We kicked off the year with our January Evening Meeting, attended by about 40 enthusiastic members, with a presentation by Scott Heinbach, outlining our redesigned website and what it can do for you. Scott navigated us through the site detailing each web “tab” page. Discussions ensued and ideas/enhancements were suggested by all. Those ideas will be incorporated in the final product. As I mentioned in the meeting our goal with the site was to add “value” to your membership in the Club and we feel we have done that with excellent content and especially with our “Members Only” section. We think you will be pleased with the end result and the redesigned site will go “live” on March 1st .

Club Outreach --
With the support of our Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing SE Regional Coordinator, Larry Lurie, and with the help of a few Club volunteers, we were able to get our program up and running once again at The Villages VA Clinic. The program is on the 3rd Wednesday of the month from 2:00pm-4:00pm in Room 243 at the clinic. For more information on PHWFF, click here.

I'd like to take this opportunity to give special recognition to Mike Winter for his involvement in PHWFF. Mike attended a veterans meeting at the American Legion in mid-January where he met David Booth, President and CEO of Combat Veterans to Careers. Mike set up a meeting for us with David to discuss how we could help each other and I am pleased to announce that CVC will be partnering with our PHWFF program. As of this writing, on January 31st, our PHWFF program will set up “camp” demonstrating fly-tying and fly casting at the “Walk In Their Boots” Expo at the Eisenhower Rec Center in The Villages. This is a one of a kind event, where you get to experience what our veterans do.  Your CVC drill instructor will lead you through your “Tour Of Duty“ and live entertainment & food venders will complete the day. For more information on CVC, please click here.

The Dad's for Boys International program at Lake Yale in Umatilla will take place on Saturday, March 21st. We will have Club volunteer fly casters and fly tiers to teach these skills to the youngsters. Signup sheets will be available at the February breakfast and evening meetings. For more information, contact Davey Ferris.

Events --

The Villages Expo is on Saturday, February 28th and Sunday, March 1st from 9:00am to 3:00pm at La Hacienda Recreation Center. Thank you to all of our Club members who volunteered to demo fly tying and fly-casting. We could always use more help so please let me know if you are interested in helping and I'll get you on the volunteer list.

The Davey Ferris Commemorative Fly Swap will be headed up by Don Jackson this year. Thank you Don! We need 10 tyers (we have 7 people signed so far) each tying 11 flies. Each tyer gets 9 flies back and the swap will donate 20 flies to raffle off for the Club. Fly's need to be turned in to Don at the March 4 breakfast meeting. For more information, contact Don Jackson.

Evening Programs --

>> February 18 -- Guest speaker Mike Hodge of the Tampa Bay Fly Fishing Club and author of "On the Fly in the Bay: A Beginner's Guide to Fly Fishing Tampa Bay”.
>> March 18 -- Chris Cox “Steelhead Fishing in British Columbia” and fly reel auction.
>> April 15 -- Scott Hennet with Bass Pro Shops “Kayak Fishing Crystal River” and demonstrate a few of the fly patterns that work so well for him in the area.
>> May 20 -- Captain John Kumiski's of Spotted Tail Orlando Fishing Charters" Secrets of Fabulous Fishing in Florida's Mosquito Lagoon” (Tentative)

Club Fishing Outings and Field Trips --

Tom Green has some great day and overnight trips scheduled and is working on some fun field trips for this year. Excursions include:
>> February 10 -- Freshwater outing “Bass n' Bagels” at Venetian Gardens, Leesburg
>> February 24 -- Salt water day trip to Kings Bay, Crystal River
>> March 10 -- Freshwater outing “Bass n' Bagels” at Bonita Ponds, The Villages
>> March 24 -- Salt water day trip to Kings Bay, Crystal River
>> April 7 -- Sellers Lake, Ocala National Forest
>> April 21 - Salt water day trip to Kings Bay, Crystal River
>> May 11-19 -- Cherokee, NC
In the meantime...go fish! Larry
Surf Fly Fishing In The Atlantic
TCFF Member Marilee Elias went down to visit fellow Member Bob Murray and fish the surf in the Stuart area just before Christmas. Turns out the beach fishing for jacks was amazing-- she even “hooked” into a couple of spinner sharks, even had one on for over 15 minutes before he sliced through the leader. And the bluefish was a nice surprise. Caught fish every day around first light.
Kings Bay Ladyfish
On Thursday, January 22, 12 TCFF members made the trek and met at Kings Bay, Crystal River for a day of kayak fishing. We were all on the water by 9:00am and primarily fished the area adjacent to Pete’s Pier. The weather was perfect -- slightly overcast with temperatures in the low 70’s. The action was pretty much non-stop with many ladyfish in the 12 to 20 inch range landed and released on the day. (Actually so many that we pretty much lost count!) Several members also caught sea trout in the 18-20 inch range. Flies that seemed to be the most effective were Davey’s Fly (white body and wing ribbed in red) and white/red or white/chartreuse Clouser Minnows. Several manatees and a few rolling tarpon were spotted as well. We were off the water by 2pm and had a fun day!"

For more pictures, go to the Village Post.
Fly Talk -- The Crazy Charlie
by Larry Nazzaro
The Crazy Charlie is the most popular fly for bonefish throughout the world. While some fly anglers believe that Bob Nauheim from California invented the fly, it was actually invented by Charles Smith from Andros Island, Bahamas. The fly can be tied in any color or combination of colors imaginable.

Hook: TMC 811S or Mustad 34007, size #2-8
Thread: 3/0 or 6/0 to match body color
Eyes: Stainless steel or brass bead chain eyes, sized to hook
Overbody: Clear V-Rib, sized to hook
Underbody: Krystal Flash
Wing Flash: Krystal flash
Wing: Calf Tail
Game fish are too valuable to be caught only once. -- Lee Wulff
If you want a Tri-County Fly Fishers logo on your favorite shirt, hat or crying towel for $12, contact:
Custom Apparel & Gifts
3451 Wedgewood Lane
The Villages, FL  32162
Lessons Learned by Ed Rapisardi
For new and old Trout Bums (and to those who fly fish for other easily frightened fish):

In all my years of nothing but trout fishing in the mountain streams of New York, I have seen many styles of fly fishing, some good and some bad -- some of the good I have adopted. My purpose now is to share a tip or two with you.

It is said that a trout and many other species of fish are very sensitive to vibrations as acute as a dog's sense of smell. Trout will be feeding top and bottom water if all conditions are normal. If a careless fisherman dislodges a rock while wading, they will stay down until all is again normal. They detected vibrations which signal danger. We are all aware of the vibrations of a hooked trout produced in his struggle to free himself will spook other fish for many yards up and down stream. That is why stealth is so important in changing position.

When fly fishing, there is another thing that will spook fish -- your retrieve for the back cast. I have seen even experienced Trout Bums simply snatch the line out of the water into a back cast. This is a No-No!! This will put fish down as well and one might feel the feed is off. The proper way is to gently and slowly retrieve the line until you see the connection point where leader is attached to fly line and then go into your backcast in one smooth and quiet movement.

It is a wise man who when changing to a new position gets out of the water and walks along the edge and carefully re-enters the water, letting things settle down and then begins fishing.

Lastly, be aware of the shadow you cast on the water and try to avoid it if at all possible. Trout are constantly aware of what is in the air as birds-of-prey also find trout to be delicious. Sudden shadow movements is a danger signal and they hide. I am aware of the fact that depending on the sun, it is hard to control but think about it.

I hope this will help you trout fishermen and women out there -- stealth and quiet are very important. Be careful, observant and enjoy this wonderful sport of ours.

(All Lessons Learned archived here.)
The Club welcomes any questions, comments, complaints, ideas, whatever -- just contact us at
--------- Fishin' Buddy Program ---------

Based on a program set up by the Mangrove Coast Fly Fishers to encourage its boat owners to go fly fishing with those who do not have access to boats, the TCFF is modifying its Fishin’ Buddy Program to be less restrictive as to when and where Members fish.

The Boat Owners signing up will be acknowledged at the Breakfast and Evening meetings and on the TCFF Website. It will be up to the Club Member wanting to fish to contact the Boat Owner, compare fishing styles, etc., and, by mutual agreement, whether or not to fish.
(As always, it is appropriate to share expenses.)

Boat Owner Daniel Booth
Days available for fishing: Varies
16' Fisher with 60 HP Mercury
Areas Fished:  Harris Chain or elsewhere with help loading/launching boat
Boat Owner Gary Christie
Days available for fishing: Monday and Friday
15' bass boat
Areas Fished:  Local Lakes
Boat Owner Bill Kirchner Days available for fishing: Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday
16.5 ft Fisher
Areas Fished:  Harris Chain of Lakes
Boat Owner Bob Strunc Days available for fishing: Tuesday and Friday
Grumman 17' bass boat w/50 HP
Areas Fished:  Lake Harris
For information or to sign-up as a Boat Owner wanting to participate
in this program, contact Frank Matousek.

--------- Fly Fishing With Tom ---------
Monthly Club Fly Fishing Trip

Fresh Water Fishing Trip. February 10th. Bass n' Bagels. Venetian Gardens, Leesburg. 8:00am. For information, contact Tom Green.
Club Saltwater Fishing Trip. Club Saltwater Fishing Trip. Kings Bay, Crystal River. For information, contact Tom Green.
Near Term Calendar (For long term calendar with full details, Click Here.)
(Special events are in Blue)
  • February 4th (Wednesday) -- Monthly Breakfast Meeting. The Pennbrooke Grill of Pennbrooke Fairways, Leesburg.
  • February 10th (Tuesday) -- Club Freshwater Fishing Trip. Bass n' Bagels. Venetian Gardens, Leesburg. 8:00 am. For information, contact Tom Green.
  • February 18th (Wednesday) -- Wednesday Evening Meeting. Wildwood Community Center. 7:00pm. The guest speaker will be Mike Hodge of the Tampa Bay Fly Fishing Club and author of On The Fly In The Bay: A beginner's guide to fly fishing Tampa Bay.
  • February 24th (Tuesday) -- Club Saltwater Fishing Trip. Kings Bay, Crystal River. For information, contact Tom Green.
  • February 28th-March 1st (Saturday, Sunday) -- The Villages Expo, La Hacienda Recreation Center.
  • March 4th (Wednesday) -- Monthly Breakfast Meeting. The Pennbrooke Grill of Pennbrooke Fairways, Leesburg.
  • March 10th (Tuesday) -- Club Freshwater Fishing Trip. Bass n' Bagels. Bonita Pond, The Villages. 8am. For information, contact Tom Green.
  • March 18th (Wednesday) -- Project Healing Waters. The Villages Veterans Administration Clinic.
  • March 18th (Wednesday) -- Wednesday Evening Meeting. Wildwood Community Center.
  • March 21st (Saturday) -- Dad's for Boys Ranch. Lake Yale, Umatilla.
  • March 24th (Tuesday) -- Club Saltwater Fishing Trip. Kings Bay, Crystal River. For information, contact Tom Green.
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