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August/September, 2014 Edition
Welcome to the Tri-County Fly Fishers Website.  This Club is made up of about seventy Members from rank beginners to those with 50+ years of fly fishing and tying experience.  Fishing interests range from bluegills and bass to redfish and tarpon, with an occasional rainbow or brown trout from up north thrown in.  Membership is drawn from permanent and seasonal residents of those in and around the Florida counties of Lake, Marion and Sumter.
President's Message
Welcome and thanks to all members, new and old, who have chosen to be part of the Tri -County Fly Fishers Club. There is not a whole lot happening as summer is in full swing and many of our club members are vacationing or visiting family out of state and our “snowbird” members are back in their home state for the summer. I hope you are having a great summer full of wonderful fishing adventures that you will share with our membership upon your return.  

This month only,
the Breakfast Meeting will be held at Denny's on 441/27 on the north side of Leesburg across from Walmart. The address is 2480 Citrus Blvd. 8:00.

What's happening?
Project Healing Waters…
The program will resume August 12 after a month layoff and will continue the 2nd Tuesday of each month in room 243 at the VA Clinic on Hwy 42 at 2:00pm.

For more information on PHWFF, please give me a call or if you are not familiar with this organization, please check out their website:

At our July evening meeting, Jill Lingard with Paddle Florida spoke on “The Paddle Florida Experience”. It was an awesome presentation and well received by Club members. The group has a couple of trips left to close out 2014 and some great trips lined up in 2015. One trip that we may be interested in is the “Florida Keys Challenge” in January, a 79 mile week-long paddle from Long Key State Park to Fort Zachary Taylor State Park in Key West. This includes a two night camp out at Bahia Honda. For a complete schedule, sign up and more information please visit their website:

In August, Scott Hennet with Bass Pro Shops will speak to our group about kayak fishing and demonstrate a few of the patterns that work so well for him in the area. I'm trying to secure Mike Hodge, author of a new book for novices or intermediate fly anglers on fly fishing Tampa Bay for our September meeting.

I understand Tom is planning a “field trip” to Jim Swan's Fly Shop in August...more on this at the next meeting.

Tom has suspended our fishing outings during the summer months and will resume again in October. For information and dates for any of the upcoming presentations, events or Club trips, please see our website calendar page.

Fly talk…
Lefty's Deceiver is an artificial fly commonly categorized as a streamer fly which is fished under the water's surface. It is a popular and widely used pattern for both predacious freshwater and saltwater game fish . It is generally considered one of the top patterns to have in any fly box. Lefty Kreh invented the Deceiver fly in the late 1950s as a streamer that would be easy to cast in wind and would not "foul"; a common problem for older streamer patterns. The original Lefty's Deceiver was tied in an all-white pattern, but fly tiers have recreated the pattern in a variety of colors. A darker colored top with a lighter bottom (mimicking the various forage fishes that larger fishes feed upon) is the most popular design. The Deceiver is arguably the best known saltwater fly pattern in the world and in 1991 the U.S. Postal Service honored Kreh's creation with a postage stamp. (Reprinted from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

Recipe: Lefty's Deceiver
Hook: Mustad 34007, sizes 2/0-6
Thread: White , 140 denier
Tail: White saddle hackles, 3X length of hook shank
Flash: Pearlescent Krystal Flash and medium Flashabou
Body: Silver or pearl braid
Wing: White buck tail
Overwing: Chartreuse buck tail and Peacock Herl

Note: Other great color combinations include red over white, olive over white, blue over white, red over yellow, olive over yellow, all white, and all black.

In the meantime...go fish! -- Larry

Fly Fishing Minnesota and North Dakota
Doug Dombek recently traveled to St. Paul, Minnesota to fish with Dave Ferris (pictured) at his Summer home on Turtle Lake. The bass were cooperative, with both men taking multiple fish on a “Flash Dancer” fly (tied by Dave).

Then the two traveled to Devils Lake, North Dakota, home of long-ago Club member John Henry, and fished with him (quite successfully) for walleyes and northern pike. While others trolled slowly for walleyes with jig heads and live bait, a nice northern (see picture) took Dave’s “Crappie Killer” fly, trolled long, with a full sinking line.
Fly Fishing The Stuart Waters
by Marilee Elias
Had a good time in Stuart.  Lots of fishing- wade fishing, beach fishing for snook, and fresh water, too.  The beach fishing was great, amazing to see the bait fish and snook cruising just a couple of feet off the beach. 
I went out with Karla George, a woman I met at the “Ladies Let's Go Fishing” program in May, in her flats boat and caught a Mutton Snapper in the upper Indian River Lagoon near the Fort Pierce inlet.  Had a couple of good snook on but they sliced through my leader.  Also “fished” for baby tarpon, jacks, and even a couple of small sharks -- all while wade fishing.
Colorado Trout

TCFF President Larry Nazzaro spent several days over the July 4th holiday visiting friends and family in Durango, Colorado. Larry and his son Nate were able to get out for a day of fly fishing on the Pine River. Several browns and rainbows in the 13” to 18” range were caught and landed. Gold Ribbed Hares Ear’s, Copper John’s and Caddis Pupa, size 16 & 18, were the ticket for an awesome day on the water!
Hilochee Largemouth Bass
Doug Dombek caught this spunky Bass took a small white Gurgler in pre-dawn light on a slow fishing day at the Hilochee Wildlife Management Area.

(To fish the HWMA, reservations are required. Contact Doug for procedure.)
Looking For Someone To Write Grants
The TCFF is looking for someone to write grant applications to help financially support the Project Healing Waters Program, Dads For Boys Ranch and our community projects. This would be an excellent opportunity for one or two of our non-permanent residents to help out the Club. If you are interested in taking on this task, please contact Club President Larry Nazzaro.
"Somebody just back of you
while you are fishing is
as bad as someone
looking over your shoulder
while you write a letter
to your girl."
Ernest Hemingway
If you want a Tri-County Fly Fishers logo on your favorite shirt, hat or crying towel for $12, contact:
Custom Apparel & Gifts
3451 Wedgewood Lane
The Villages, FL  32162
Tri County Fly Fishers Inaugural Trip to Homosassa
by Tom Green
It was a warm, muggy morning on Tuesday July 8th as six brave fly fishermen set out for Homosassa. We were faced with giving up our fly rods and picking up a mask, snorkel and fins. What a concept!!

We arrived at the ramp about 8:30 am and met up with our Captain – Rick Burns - and his first mate – Renee. We loaded up our gear and set out for our scalloping adventure. Captain Rick wound his way down the Homosassa River to its mouth where he proceeded to thread his way through thunder storms and rain squalls to our ultimate destination – the hollowed scallop grounds.

Warren, the elder of the group hit the water first. His dolphin abilities were superior to most of the other divers – but then again, he's the oldest and has had the most time to learn. Next to go in the water was our medicine man – Dr. Bob, followed by Frank, Fred, Chris and myself. All of us proceeded to scour the Gulf's bottom for the elusive scallops.

The scallops of Homosassa are about the size, or a little smaller, than a tennis ball. They are shades of brown and lie in the grass flats in about 3 to 8 feet of water. As luck would have it, we were diving in about 8 to 10 feet of water and we quickly realized that none of us had Jacques Cousteau's diving abilities. With the help of Renee we started procuring our treasure – the obscure scallop. The day wore on and scallop after scallop were retrieved which filled our bags with our bounty. I guess all in all, we procured about three dozen scallops. However, that amount was reduced because on the way back in, Frank and myself ate about a half dozen or so.

For a little scenic trip Captain Rick went up the Little Homosassa River and back to the ramp. This is a hard to navigate portion of the waterway and, needless to say, this was an “E” ticket ride with the boat on plane. When we got to the ramp, we cleaned up a bit and Captain Rick suggested we take our bounty to the Electric Neon Restaurant in Homosassa and we all agreed because we were all famished. When we got to the Electric Neon, they took our scallops, which had been cleaned by Renee, and combined them with fresh shrimp to make sumptuous scampi. It goes without saying , it was a delicious meal. We all re-told stories and tales of the day's events. As we left the restaurant I did a quick head count. That morning six of us, all explorers at heart, started out for our adventure. At the day's end, six scallopers, adventurers and deep pearl divers returned home safely. Many thanks go out to Captain Rick Burns and Renee for giving us a great day of scalloping and a wild ride home.
Lessons Learned by Ed Rapisardi
Of Shooting Heads and Two Handed Rods -- We discussed leaders in a previous column so check the archives for same. We might also have touched lightly on Spey Rods and Switch Rods and I know we covered shooting heads and how to make then at a fraction of the price of store bought lines.

Commercial shooting heads are fine, but expensive if you require different types such as sinking or sink tip etc. Consider this, you can purchase Aqua Nova premium lines within the club only for $15 that will buy and a friend a Double Tapered Floating line of 90 feet. (You need to purchase lines 2 to 3 weights over the normal rod weights.) Cut that line in half and now you each have two 45 foot pieces. Most commercial lines have 28 to 32 foot heads so cut from those pieces accordingly to make the length you favor. I personally use 28 foot. You can buy un-tapered running line from most manufacturers -- I use 2 weight for any weight outfit. (Some use monofilament but that spells trouble as it coils from memory.) A loop to loop connection to the running line gives you a perfect shooting head. If you choose to have a sink tip one just purchase a sink tip line, cut it so you have a 28 foot section or whatever length you chose, use that running line to practice tying knots or discard it. You can do the same with a full sinking line.

Casting is a bit different though. You must use at least one foot overhang in order to load your rod. So that loop joint should clear the tip by one foot, 18 inches at most.

Now all it takes is practice, practice and more practice.

Now for spey and switch rods -- understand this, they will throw your line considerably long distances when cast properly, but know that the switch rod can be used single handed and does a good job with the simple overhead straight line cast and handles all the spey casts well. You must learn and practice the several spey casts designed for big water and useless in most streams. I would stick with a switch rod.

Until next time then, keep your fly dry and watch your backcast.    Ed Rapisardi

(All Lessons Learned archived here.)
The Club welcomes any questions, comments, complaints, ideas, whatever -- just contact us at
--------- Fishin' Buddy Program ---------
Based on a program set up by the Mangrove Coast Fly Fishers to encourage its boat owners to go fly fishing with those who do not have access to boats, the TCFF is modifying its Fishin’ Buddy Program to be less restrictive as to when and where Members fish.

The Boat Owners signing up will be acknowledged at the Breakfast and Evening meetings and on the TCFF Website. It will be up to the Club Member wanting to fish to contact the Boat Owner, compare fishing styles, etc., and, by mutual agreement, whether or not to fish.
(As always, it is appropriate to share expenses.)
Boat Owner Gary Christie
Days available for fishing: Monday and Friday
15' bass boat
Areas Fished:  Local Lakes
Boat Owner Bill Kirchner Days available for fishing: Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday
16.5 ft Fisher
Areas Fished:  Harris Chain of Lakes
Boat Owner Bob Strunc Days available for fishing: Tuesday and Friday
Grumman 17' bass boat w/50 HP
Areas Fished:  Lake Harris
For information or to sign-up as a Boat Owner wanting to participate
in this program, contact Frank Matousek.


--------- Fly Fishing With Tom ---------
Monthly Club Fly Fishing Trips

Because of the heat and the unpredictable weather, both Club fresh and salt water fishing trips have been cancelled for August and September.
Near Term Calendar (For long term calendar with full details, Click Here.)
(Special events are in Blue)
  • August 6th (Wednesday) -- Monthly Breakfast Meeting. This month only, the Breakfast Meeting will be held at Denny's on 441/27 on the north side of Leesburg across from Walmart. The address is 2480 Citrus Blvd. 8:00.
  • August 12th (Tuesday) -- Project Healing Waters. Veterans Administration Clinic on Highway 42 in The Villages.
  • August 20th (Wednesday) -- Wednesday Evening Meeting. Wildwood Community Center. 7:00pm. The guest speaker will be Scott Hennet of Bass Pro Shops will do a presentation on Kayak Fishing.
  • September 3rd (Wednesday) -- Monthly Breakfast Meeting. The Pembrook Grill of Pembrook Fairways, Leesburg.
  • September 9th (Tuesday) -- Project Healing Waters. Veterans Administration Clinic on Highway 42 in The Villages.
  • September 17th (Wednesday) -- Wednesday Evening Meeting. Wildwood Community Center. Fly Tying Extraganza. Bring you vises and fly tying materials and tie along with our experts or just come and watch others tie flies.
  • October 1st (Wednesday) -- Monthly Breakfast Meeting. The Pembrook Grill of Pembrook Fairways, Leesburg.
  • October 7th (Tuesday) -- Project Healing Waters. Veterans Administration Clinic on Highway 42 in The Villages.
  • October 7th (Tuesday) -- Club Fresh Water Fishing Trip. Location to be determined.
  • October 10th & 11th (Friday and Saturday) -- FFF Florida Council Fly Fishing Expo. The Plantation, Crystal River.
  • October 15th (Wednesday) -- Wednesday Evening Meeting. Wildwood Community Center. 7:00pm. Club President Larry Nazzaro will talk about his experiences fly fishing in Colorado.
  • Week of October 20th -- Club Saltwater Fishing Trip. Date and location to be determined.

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