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December, 2014 Edition
Welcome to the Tri-County Fly Fishers Website.  This Club is made up of about seventy Members from rank beginners to those with 50+ years of fly fishing and tying experience.  Fishing interests range from bluegills and bass to redfish and tarpon, with an occasional rainbow or brown trout from up north thrown in.  Membership is drawn from permanent and seasonal residents of those in and around the Florida counties of Lake, Marion and Sumter.
President's Message
Happy Holiday's! Welcome and thanks to all members who have chosen to be part of the Tri-County Fly Fishers Club. It was an honor to serve as your President this past year and I'm looking forward to another successful year in 2015. We are surrounded by a great Board of Directors that are all very passionate about our sport and our Club and I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you all along with our committee chairmen for their hard work this year. We were able to grow our membership to just under 80 members (at last count) and I am proud to say that today our Club is as strong as it has ever been. Our focus this year was not only on catching fish but also on education, conservation and community outreach. Here is a recap of our very busy year.

We kicked off the year with our Winter Pot Luck and Social in January and those that attended the event were treated to various food items and desserts that would make any restaurant envious. Our new board members were introduced at our breakfast meeting and I outlined our goals for 2014.

One of our goals was to get involved with Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing on a local level. The board met with Larry Lurie, SE Regional Coordinator for Project Healing Waters in February. The goal was to teach wounded war veterans the art of fly tying, rod building and casting and then get them out fly fishing. I'm happy to say that with the help of a few Club volunteers, we were able to get this program up and running at The Villages VA Clinic. It's been a struggle to get veterans to participate during the year but with the support of our Regional Coordinator, I believe we are finally over the hurdle. We'll be starting up the program once again in January. In May, Mike Winter and I attended the Honor Veterans Outing in Palmetto, FL. We had the opportunity to fish with a couple of veterans and rub shoulders with Captain CA Richardson star of Flats Class TV . Although the fishing was slow, it was a fun event and we are looking forward to attending again next year.

Another goal this year was to get more involved with the Dad's for Boys Ranch program. In April, several volunteers, coordinated by Davey Ferris, headed up to the Ranch at Lake Yale in Umatilla where we taught the youngsters the art of fly casting and fly tying. At the April evening meeting, Davey conducted a fly rod silent auction with rods donated by a friend of the Club. We raised $290 and with the proceeds from the auction we purchased several rod/reel spin cast combos. In addition, Club members donated 14 spin cast outfits. With Davey up North for the summer, we presented the rods and reels along with an additional check for $100 to John Pyle, founder of Dad's for Boys in May and enjoyed several hours of kayak fishing on the lake.

The Club participated in The Villages Outdoor Expo once again this year and hopes to get involved again along with other community events such as The Black Bear Festival and the Florida Sportsman Chapter of Quail Forever next year.

Evening Programs --
The board is already busy planning programs and lining up speakers for 2015. If you have ideas or suggestions, please do not hesitate to share them with a board member. Outstanding programs and speakers for 2014 included:
>> Captains Tim Kissane and Jim Dunn, Small Vessel Examiners for the Coast Guard - Boater Safety
Andrei Stroman, Pro Staff member from Kayak Charters, Cape Coral - Kayak Fishing in SW Florida
Maryann Krisovitch, Education Contractor for the Lake County Water Authority, - Water Resource Jeopardy
Former Thomas & Thomas President Lenny Codella - acclaimed expert on bamboo and vintage fly rods
>> Captain Rick Burns and Captain Michelle Zielecki, - Scalloping in Homosassa
Jill Lingard, Paddle Florida - The Paddle Florida Experience
Scott Hennet, Bass Pro Shops - Kayak Fishing Crystal River
Larry Nazzaro, TCFF President, - Redfish on the Fly, Fly Fishing in Venice, Louisiana
Captain Russ Hampton - Fly Fishing Brazil's El Rio Negro

Club Fishing Outings and Field Trips --
Tom has some great day and overnight trips already scheduled and is working on some fun field trips for next year. This year's excursions included:
>> Indian River Lagoon in Stuart, FL
>> Belize, Mexico
>> Cherokee, NC
>> “Bass n' Bagels” at Bonita Pond & Venetian Gardens
>> John's Lake in Clermont, FL
>> Field Trip to Jim Swan's Fly Shop
>> Homosassa River
>> St. John's River in Astor, FL
>> Kings Bay, Crystal River for more saltwater action
>> Sebastian River, Captain Hiram's Resort, Sebastian, FL

Miscellaneous --
In addition to our community outreach programs, Club trips and outstanding presentations, we redesigned and ordered Club brochures, purchased vinyl magnetic nametags for all of our 2014 paid members, coordinated our annual “Davey's Fly Swap”, purchased six fly tying vices for teaching opportunities, began work on a new member integration program, set up logo embroidery with Custom Apparel, designed a TCFF Facebook page and Villages Post site, purchased TCFF decals and purchased a much needed state of the art projector.

A special shout out and “thank you” goes to Doug Dombek, Charlie Woolfork, Jim Bellinghieri and Fred Horn for taking the time to help me move our Club storage unit to its new location in June.

The board would like to acknowledge the contributions and tireless efforts of Ed Rapisardi who had served as our Program Coordinator for a number of years. Ed did a great job in that role plus he would always step up and volunteer for other jobs whenever a need arose. We will miss his board participation, but he has indicated he would still be available to help as needed. Ed, from the board and the Club, thank you!

So, as you can see, we have been busy this year. Remember, this is your Club. Participation in the Club gives you access to the expertise and insight of its membership. Our members have years of experience and knowledge about kayaking and boating, fly casting, fly tying, and fly fishing in general. I urge you to continue to share your vast knowledge of the sport with the group. I believe we can make this Club even better but I need your help and involvement. My goals for 2015 are many and you'll hear more about them in the months to come. If you would like to get involved in any activities or have ideas on others, please bring it to my or any board member's attention.

In the meantime...go fish! Larry
Need Ideas For Field Trips
The TCFF is looking at providing field trips for members and is looking for ideas. For example six members went to visit TCFF Honorary Member Jim Swann at his fly fishing shop in Dade City two months ago, there is a trip to the Mud Hole Custom Tackle (rod building supplies) scheduled for January.

In the planning stage is trip to a fish hatchery.

Pass on your ideas to Larry Nazzaro.
Crystal River Redfish
Club Member Marilee Elias went kayak fishing out of the Crystal River Barge Canal November 8th with the Nature Coast Lady Anglers (the club in Crystal River). The group caught mostly young redfish and sea trout. This redfish was caught off a little oyster bar island.
Sebastian River Jacks and Redfish
On the Sebastian River during the week of November 10th, Club Members Joe Majoine with a jack cravelle (above) and Joe Matousek with a redfish (below) had a good several days fishing. They caught several jacks which was a lot of fun. All fish were caught on Clousers.
Wednesday Evening Meeting
Fly fishing expert Russ Hampton spoke at the November Wednesday Evening Meeting about his recent trip Brazil to fish the Rio Negro River. Not only did he cover this excellent fishery from a fisherman's standpoint, but talked about what to expect when traveling to this remote location.
Fly Fishing The Ponds of The Villages
By Bob Heinbach
(Reprinted with permission from The Village Post,
I have been fishing the ponds regularly for the last two months and only hooked two nice bass. One four weeks ago on Bonita pond with a 6 inch rabbit fur leech dragging it slowly along the bottom. 

During that four weeks I was reading several older books I got recently from another TCFF member. Lefty Kreh talked about his go-to fly for bass as the red and white fly.  I tied it with a slight modification so it would go thru the weeds.  I added some deer hair so it covered the hook like a weed guard. Also, with the hair being more buoyant the hook rides up.

I also left the cut end of the hair extend above the eye of the hook to move more water.

Yesterday I took it to Bonita pond and after about an hour was going to give up on it and go back to my stone fly nymph pattern when I finally hooked and jumped a nice fish.

That was the first one since I hooked one four weeks ago!  During that time it was slow and I did not even see any bait chuckers at the ponds.  I went back to Bonita this morning and there was a build up of pond algae and nothing happening. So, I was off to another pond to check the conditions.  When I got to the next pond there was a cart already there with a big fluorescent green bobber in the water. After about ten minutes, he pulled in a nice bass. Then again and again and again! They all looked to be about 12-14 inches. I had not one bite!!! I was throwing my line out about 50-60 feet in front of the large pipe and dragging it back to the edge of the grass. Finally, I went to clearing in the grass (where many bait chuckers had fished before me). Made a cast out about 30 feet and had a couple twelve inchers follow it to the edge of the bank. I kept trying very slow retrieves and nothing. After getting bored I decided to change to a black and green in the same pattern.  Nothing, but another fish followed it. I had my back turned to the pond and was thinking about calling it a day. All of a sudden a twelve inch bass jumped completely out of the water after a dragonfly and one minute later another chased bait to the edge of the bank. I felt best to stick with Lefty's colors and put the red and white back on. I made a couple of short casts to about 15-20 feet and twitched it back to the bank. I left it sit at five feet from the bank when out of nowhere the first bass circled my fly. One light twitch and I had him!

After taking pictures and mailing a few, I finally stopped shaking. A few more short casts and nothing around. I thought why not got out sixty feet and fast retrieve to get their attention and bring them in again. I had just remembered why the big one was in close to the bank. I was practicing my long casts just before I did the short cast and got the first one. Well, going back to the long cast was all it took. I was bringing it back in short jerks like a wounded minnow and at about thirty feet from the bank, it worked.

The bait chucker down the bank from me sure had the numbers this morning but, I had two fish on only two bites and probably a couple hundred casts, buy it was well worth it
If you want a Tri-County Fly Fishers logo on your favorite shirt, hat or crying towel for $12, contact:
Custom Apparel & Gifts
3451 Wedgewood Lane
The Villages, FL  32162
Lessons Learned by Ed Rapisardi
Basic Tips For Fly Fishers --
To tell if sun glasses are Polaroid, take a known pair of Polaroid and an unknown pair and hold them up to a light or bright sky back to back then rotate one and if both remain clear the unknowns are not Polaroid. If they were, turning one versus the other would cause the light to not pass through.

For any colored Polaroid glasses to work, they must be shaded, typically by the brim of your cap whose underside is a very dark color. (If the underside of the brim is not a dark color, apply something like black shoe dye or such to avoid reflections across your lenses.)

Fast rods of any size or weight are not desirable for trout fishing. A soft (slow) full flexing rod is best to protect the weakest link in your tackle, the tippet. A fast or even medium fast may break off the tippet when setting the hook.

When building a shooting head, the head must be at least two weights over the stated rod weight. When casting, the head must overhang by at least a foot and a half out the tip of the rod.

Some of the UV cements remain a little tacky after being cured and hardened. Wipe the area with a bit of alcohol or you can coat it with clear nail polish.

Most people believe that Sally Hanson's Hard As Nails dries harder than all other clear nail polish -- not true. The Hard As Nails part pertains to the chemical which is added to make finger nails harder -- it hardens the biological components of human nails only. The cheapest clear nail polish dries just as hard.

An emergency repair to your punctured waders can be done by using a fly tying glue like Goop.

For wading among slippery rocks in some trout streams, fashion some light aluminum chain around our wading boot soles.

Before casting, be certain your fly line is clean and should be re-cleaned a couple times throughout the day.

At the start of the fishing day, the fly line should be fully stretched to remove the coils which form due to being wrapped tightly around the reel spool. These coils hamper line shooting distance as the coils do not pass through the guides easily. (Some line brands are more susceptible to "coiling" than others.)

I would welcome any additional hints and tricks you folks have for another such column.

Until next time then, keep your fly dry and watch your backcast.    Ed Rapisardi

(All Lessons Learned archived here.)
The Club welcomes any questions, comments, complaints, ideas, whatever -- just contact us at
--------- Fishin' Buddy Program ---------

Based on a program set up by the Mangrove Coast Fly Fishers to encourage its boat owners to go fly fishing with those who do not have access to boats, the TCFF is modifying its Fishin’ Buddy Program to be less restrictive as to when and where Members fish.

The Boat Owners signing up will be acknowledged at the Breakfast and Evening meetings and on the TCFF Website. It will be up to the Club Member wanting to fish to contact the Boat Owner, compare fishing styles, etc., and, by mutual agreement, whether or not to fish.
(As always, it is appropriate to share expenses.)

Boat Owner Daniel Booth
Days available for fishing: Varies
16' Fisher with 60 HP Mercury
Areas Fished:  Lake Dora (Boat docked just off the Dora Canal)
Boat Owner Gary Christie
Days available for fishing: Monday and Friday
15' bass boat
Areas Fished:  Local Lakes
Boat Owner Bill Kirchner Days available for fishing: Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday
16.5 ft Fisher
Areas Fished:  Harris Chain of Lakes
Boat Owner Bob Strunc Days available for fishing: Tuesday and Friday
Grumman 17' bass boat w/50 HP
Areas Fished:  Lake Harris
For information or to sign-up as a Boat Owner wanting to participate
in this program, contact Frank Matousek.

--------- Fly Fishing With Tom ---------
Monthly Club Fly Fishing Trip

Club Saltwater Fishing Trip. Crystal River. 8:00. Boats and Kayaks. Launch across State Road 19 across from the City Hall. For information or to sign up, contact Tom Green.
Near Term Calendar (For long term calendar with full details, Click Here.)
(Special events are in Blue)
  • December 3rd (Wednesday) -- Monthly Breakfast Meeting. The Pennbrooke Grill of Pennbrooke Fairways, Leesburg.
  • December 9th (Tuesday) -- Club Saltwater Fishing Trip. Crystal River. Boats and Kayaks. launch across State Road 19 across from the City Hall. For information or to sign up, contact Tom Green.
  • December 17th (Wednesday) -- Wednesday Evening Meeting. Wildwood Community Center. Club Member Sale Pizza Social & Slide Show. Bring your fly tying materials, rods & reels, equipment, books, etc. (No fire arms please) to the Wednesday evening meeting. Pete Zito will have fly tying material for sale with proceeds to benefit The Parkinson’s Fight Club. We will be selling club library books & tapes with book sales to benefit TCFF. See you all there.
  • January 7th (Wednesday) -- Monthly Breakfast Meeting. The Pennbrooke Grill of Pennbrooke Fairways, Leesburg.
  • January 13th (Tuesday) -- Club Freshwater Fishing Trip. Bass n' Bagels. Bonita Pond, The Villages. 8am. For information, contact Tom Green.
  • January 21st (Wednesday) -- Wednesday Evening Meeting. Wildwood Community Center. 7:00pm. The guest speaker Mike Hodge of the Tampa Bay Fly Fishing Club and author of On The Fly In The Bay: A beginner's guide to fly fishing Tampa Bay.
  • January 27th (Tuesday) -- Club Saltwater Fishing Trip. Kings Bay, Crystal River. 8:00 am. For information, contact Tom Green.
  • January 29th (Thursday) -- Club Field Trip to Mud Hole Custom Tackle. A visit to the the world's largest supplier of custom fishing rod building components, including rod blanks, reel seats, guides, tip-tops, etc., in Oviedo. Contact Tom Green for information.
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