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November, 2014 Edition
Welcome to the Tri-County Fly Fishers Website.  This Club is made up of about seventy Members from rank beginners to those with 50+ years of fly fishing and tying experience.  Fishing interests range from bluegills and bass to redfish and tarpon, with an occasional rainbow or brown trout from up north thrown in.  Membership is drawn from permanent and seasonal residents of those in and around the Florida counties of Lake, Marion and Sumter.
President's Message
Welcome and thanks to all members who have chosen to be part of the Tri-County Fly Fishers. At this time of the year, with the holiday’s right around the corner, there is not a whole lot happening with the Club right now so I’ll be brief. I’d also like to welcome back our snowbirds. It won’t be long before we have a “full house” membership at our meetings, listening to exaggerated fishing exploits once again. I suggest you all roll up your pant legs and wear boots to the next few meetings because “it” can get pretty deep at times if you know what I mean!

Last month I had the opportunity to attend the IFFF Florida Council Fly Fishing Expo at The Plantation in Crystal River. I thoroughly enjoyed the day and spent a couple of hours visiting the various vendor booths, bought some much needed fly tying materials and viewed the fly casting demonstrations. I had the opportunity to meet Bob Clouser, which was pretty cool. But the highlight of the day for me was spending a few hours watching, observing and learning from two notable fly tiers that I have never met personally but have a tremendous amount of respect for; Dave Schmezer and Enrico Puglisi. Dave gave me some personal instruction and showed me a few tying tips and tricks and introduced me to a couple of new materials that I have never worked with before. He even gifted me a couple of his fly designs which now hang framed in my tying room. Enrico, being the perfectionist that he is, demonstrated the proper tying techniques using his EP fibers. It was a fun day and I’m looking forward to next year’s event.

Evening Programs:
At our October Evening Meeting, I gave a Power Point presentation on Mike Winter's and my September trip to Venice, La. called “Redfish on the Fly”. If you missed that presentation, I will most likely repeat the presentation in the spring.

This month, Ed Rapisardi has asked former TCFF member Russ Hampton to speak about fishing in the Amazon and the El Rio Negra (The Black River). This should be an excellent program and we’re looking forward to visiting with Russ once again.

Club Outings:
A great time was had by the ten TCFF members who attended the saltwater overnight trip to Capt. Hiram's Resort in Sebastian, FL. The fishing was great, but the catching not so much!

Tom Green has planned the following outings --
November 11th -- 8:00am, Venetian Gardens, Leesburg. Lake Harris Fly Casting Rodeo and fishing- Boats, kayaks & fishing from the bank. There will be no saltwater trip due to Thanksgiving.
December 9th -- 8:00am, Crystal Bay. Kayaks will launch at SR-19 across from City Hall. No Freshwater trip due to Christmas.

For information and dates for any of the upcoming Club trips, please see our website calendar page or contact Tom Green.

Kayak Outings:
Pete Smith is coordinating day trips for those of you who would like to get out and fish during the week in hopes of encouraging others to share similar information when they planned a day of fly fishing. These will not be formal trips with meeting times, lunch plans, etc. – just letting guys know when and where he plans to splash the yak in case anyone else wants to do the same – all are welcome. If you would like to get on the notification email list, please contact Pete at

Pete Zito, a former commercial fly tier from Roscoe, New York, and friend of the club has lots of fly tying materials (dubbing, hackle necks, etc.), threads, tinsel and hooks for sale as he no longer ties commercially. He will be getting more in the near future from his good friend and business partner Eric Leiser. If anyone is interested in purchasing any items, please give Pete a call at 352-259-8750 to set up an appointment. All proceeds will be donated to The Parkinson’s Fight Group.

In the meantime...go fish! -- Larry

"May the holes in your net be no larger than the fish in it."
Irish Blessing

Bob's Bird/Dog Flies
By Bob Heinbach
(Reprinted with permission from The Village Post,

I've been tying flies for over 25 years and I use a lot of natural materials. Our first dog after we were married was a German shepherd who always had a thick undercoat that just looked like it was made for dubbing. We had 2 other dogs one a mix but, mostly golden setter and another SPCA special golden retriever. My youngest son has a mix border collie and my wife's cousin's daughter has a husky, so I get undercoat in tans, black, and white. The black fine under coat from the water dogs and tan from the Retriever work nicely but, the husky under coat is even better giving an almost translucent effect in the water.

A couple of months ago I decided to tie several different fly patterns changing only the hair in the dubbing. So, I made five flies in each pattern with the undercoat from each of the five dogs. Then to amuse myself, I started a fishing tournament with the dogs, using a fly with their undercoat.

I had freshwater nymphs for fishing the ponds in The Villages. The husky seemed to have an edge especially catching bluegills.

I even made a pattern for saltwater which I took with me the last time I was fishing the Tampa Bay with my brother in law. I told him what I was doing with the flies. We got into some ladyfish on a grass flat where I was doing well pulling in one on about every 4th cast with each fly. I was feeling pretty good telling him that it must be my skill in presentation that was catching the fish since they were all catching at about the same rate. He looked at me and said, I always wanted to try something. He put down his fly rod and picked up a spinning rod. He then put on a lead head jig and threw it into the water. Just the jig with a bare hook!! He then proceeded to pull in six ladyfish on six casts!

So, next time you're out fishing and you think you have tied the perfect fly or you found the perfect presentation…think again. It may have more to do with being at the right place at the right time. We went out the next day to the same place and got only a few strikes and never landed a fish.
Fly talk: The Low Fat Minnow
by Larry Nazzaro
From the vice of Clark "Cheech" Pierce comes the Low Fat Minnow. Cooler weather means cooler water temperatures which means it’s time for bass fishing in the lakes in the surrounding area. Tie this fly on your tippet with a loop knot and strip this fly with a slow retrieve to imitate a fleeing sunfish and hang on!

Thread: UTC 70 Denier - white
Hook: Gamakatsu B10S, size #4 or #6
Underbody: White and olive marabou in clumps
Back chenille: Small cactus chenille – white
Front Chenille: Medium palmer chenille – orange
Outer body (top): Senyo lazer dub – olive
Outer body (bottom): Senyo lazer dub - white
Eyes: Demon Eyes, 3/16 color to match
Head: Clear Cure Goo hydro, and thin
Need Ideas For Field Trips
The TCFF is looking at providing field trips for members and is looking for ideas. For example six members went to visit TCFF Honorary Member Jim Swann at his fly fishing shop in Dade City six weeks ago and a trip to a fish hatchery is in the planning stage. Pass on your ideas to Larry Nazzaro.
If you want a Tri-County Fly Fishers logo on your favorite shirt, hat or crying towel for $12, contact:
Custom Apparel & Gifts
3451 Wedgewood Lane
The Villages, FL  32162
Lessons Learned by Ed Rapisardi
The Art of the Long Cast -- Having observed some of my students who wish to learn long distance casting with standard fly rods and lines, but ends up with cast lines puddle-up. They seem to think extra energy is needed “to get the fly out there”.

Frankly, excessive energy applied to the cast will ruin it. Fly casting is a smooth and gentle application of energy, enough to load the rod through the full arc of the rod and continue extending line smoothly with each false cast -- the timing is the critical thing. We all know that the longer the line, the more hesitation is required for the line to straighten out before going into the forward cast. Most casters come forward too soon and apply extra energy in an attempt to push the fly out there. These actions are what cause the cast to fall apart. It takes almost the same amount of energy to cast 80 feet as it does for, say, 40 feet. The cast must be high enough to give that extra line behind you time to completely straighten out, yet not fall to the ground or into the water before starting the forward cast.

My suggestion then is to slowly add about five feet of line to your normal distance and practice that over and over until the forward cast lands gently and perfectly straight on the grass or water. Best to practice on grass so you can do it at your leisure around your home. Once a great straight line cast is accomplished, simply add a few more feet allowing a bit more time for the line to fully straighten out behind you. All of this can be done without a haul.

When you have reached the furthest distance you can cast using this method, then more distance can be achieved by double hauling, but the same rules of timing and energy must be applied. Slow and graceful is the only way. Watch your backcast -- it must straighten out 180 degrees backward and forward, the cast must be straight and level. This is not rocket science -- it is common sense but does require practice to be perfect every time. When you next see me casting at our meetings ask me to demonstrate.

Until next time then, keep your fly dry and watch your backcast.    Ed Rapisardi

(All Lessons Learned archived here.)
The Club welcomes any questions, comments, complaints, ideas, whatever -- just contact us at
--------- Fishin' Buddy Program ---------
Based on a program set up by the Mangrove Coast Fly Fishers to encourage its boat owners to go fly fishing with those who do not have access to boats, the TCFF is modifying its Fishin’ Buddy Program to be less restrictive as to when and where Members fish.

The Boat Owners signing up will be acknowledged at the Breakfast and Evening meetings and on the TCFF Website. It will be up to the Club Member wanting to fish to contact the Boat Owner, compare fishing styles, etc., and, by mutual agreement, whether or not to fish.
(As always, it is appropriate to share expenses.)
Boat Owner Gary Christie
Days available for fishing: Monday and Friday
15' bass boat
Areas Fished:  Local Lakes
Boat Owner Bill Kirchner Days available for fishing: Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday
16.5 ft Fisher
Areas Fished:  Harris Chain of Lakes
Boat Owner Bob Strunc Days available for fishing: Tuesday and Friday
Grumman 17' bass boat w/50 HP
Areas Fished:  Lake Harris
For information or to sign-up as a Boat Owner wanting to participate
in this program, contact Frank Matousek.


--------- Fly Fishing With Tom ---------
Monthly Club Fly Fishing Trip

Club Fresh Water Fishing Trip. Bass and Bagels at Venetian Gardens, Leesburg. 8:00am. Fly Casting Rodeo. Fishing from boats, kayaks and the shore. For information or to sign up, contact Tom Green.
Near Term Calendar (For long term calendar with full details, Click Here.)
(Special events are in Blue)
  • November 5th (Wednesday) -- Monthly Breakfast Meeting. The Pennbrooke Grill of Pennbrooke Fairways, Leesburg.
  • November 11th (Tuesday) -- Club Fresh Water Fishing Trip. Bass and Bagels at Venetian Gardens, Leesburg.
  • November 19th (Wednesday) -- Wednesday Evening Meeting. Wildwood Community Center. 7:00pm. Russ Hampton will do a presentation about his recent fly fishing trip to the Amazon River. 
  • December 3rd (Wednesday) -- Monthly Breakfast Meeting. The Pennbrooke Grill of Pennbrooke Fairways, Leesburg.
  • December 9th (Tuesday) -- Club Saltwater Fishing Trip. Crystal River. Boats and Kayaks. launch across State Road 19 across from the City Hall. For information or to sign up, contact Tom Green.
  • December 17th (Wednesday) -- Wednesday Evening Meeting. Wildwood Community Center. Club Member Sale Pizza Social & Slide Show. Bring your fly tying materials, rods & reels, equipment, books, etc. (No fire arms please) to the Wednesday evening meeting. Pete Zito will have fly tying material for sale with proceeds to benefit The Parkinson’s Fight Club. We will be selling club library books & tapes with book sales to benefit TCFF. See you all there.
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